News 15.3.2017

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WISTA meeting at
Pella Sietas Shipyard

WISTA women visited the oldest German shipyard

20 members of WISTA Germany followed the invitation of Natallia Dean, Director of Pella Sietas shipyard, to visit the yard in Neuenfelde. The professional audience of shipping engineers and managers from shipping companies, banks, the insurance industry and other areas around the shipping sector, was very impressed. In huge production halls they were able to inspect complete ship sections built for the Meyer shipyard. State-of-the-art machines for metal processing are ready to manufacture individual products for e.g. Airbus and other customers.
The guests could also have a look at the current new building of the shipyard. The harbor ferry “Elbphilharmonie” (in Hamburg this series is lovingly called “smoothing iron design”) will be delivered to the customer HADAG in the near future.
Within the following presentation Natallia Dean described the impressive history of the traditional shipyard and gave a positive outlook on the future.
At the moment the yard is busy working on the next new building, a trailing suction hopper dredger for the German authority WSV.
Jessica Wegener, 2nd President of WISTA Germany, thanked Natallia Dean and her staff for the cordially welcome and the perfect organization of the visit. “This enabled us to give our WISTA members a unique insight into the world of shipbuilding and manufacturing technology. In the current difficult situation of shipyards in Germany it is all the more important to remind the maritime industry, which excellent products are manufactured and delivered in Germany.”
The opportunity to network, especially with the numerous guests who showed interest in a membership at WISTA, was gladly taken by the participants in the friendly atmosphere after the official program.